Australian Student visa (subclass 500)

In order to study in Australia, you will need to obtain an Australian student visa. You must be able to prove to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) that you meet the following key Australian student visa requirements:


Requirement states that the visa applicant must be able to demonstrate a genuine intention to stay in Australia temporarily for the purpose of study, or to accompany a student as a dependent (i.e. spouse or child) or as a guardian. The decision-makers at the DIBP will consider the following factors:

   s   Circumstances in your home country

   s   Potential circumstances for you in Australia

   s   Value of chosen course

   s   Immigration history

   s   Any other relevant matters


In order to determine whether you are meet the requirement, you may be asked to attend an interview at your nearest Australian embassy or consulate. Some applicants will only need to fill in a visa application form.

·        Financial requirements

·         English proficiency requirements

·        Health and character requirements

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