Why Canada is a popular immigration choice of millions

Canada is one of the most popular countries that people choose to immigrate to as it has excellent job opportunities as well as opportunities for personal growth. It is indeed a country for those in search of a better and calm quality of life.

Here are the reasons why Canada appeals to everyone:

  1. Canadian immigration rules are not as rigorous and tedious when compared to other countries which makes it much easier to qualify and process an application. Even in the times of world recession, Canada has not cut down on its immigration quota.
  2. Canada has a dynamic range of programs for immigration. Skilled category (Express Entry), self-employed and business categories (Canada Investor Visa or Canada Entrepreneur Visa) being the most popular of them all. For those not qualifying under the above-mentioned immigration programs, the country still offers non-immigrant options such as student programs (Canada Student Visa) or Work Permits (requires job offer to apply). 
  3. This country also offers the most supporting social security benefits program for immigrants and their families. Canada’s educational and health facilities are among the best in the world and are highly subsidized for Canadian Permanent Residency (PR Visa) holders and citizens.  
  4. Diversity can be found throughout the country, not just in certain states. As it has opened its doors for all nationalities across the globe. So it is still the biggest immigration support hub globally.
  5. A Canadian Citizen Passport holder also enjoys a visa free travel to almost all major countries across the globe. 
  6. Canada permits its residents to live and work anywhere in Canada. This country allows freedom of religion, culture and language.
  7. Universal health care: meaning stress-free doctor and hospital visits, and if you get sick they won't let you die or go bankrupt. You are their responsibility!
  8. And last but not the least, Canadians are actually the politest and the happiest people ever. Believe you me, if you crash into someone on the street, you will find them apologizing to you before you realize what happened! Who wouldn't want to be a part of such a lovely place!
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